1.5ft cleaning pole?

adam mayhead

Cleantalk Member
we have unger tools and have been using the ~Unger Ergo handle extension, however it doesn't quite give us enough extra length, and using a full sized pole is too long for the tasks we need it for.

anyone know of either a slightly longer version of this that will work with unger tools, or perhaps any way that this ergo handle extension can be extended by about 1 ft more?

Jamie Biles

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Do you mean Unger small ones,I have few and they about 1ft long. they do one that's about metre long I think. It's primarily marketed as 'desk cleaning kit/handle' if Google it. Cleaning spot does large portion of Unger products.

Elfyn Rees

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Or - you could by a painter and decorator's pole from your local building supplier (big range of lengths). The tapered end on the pole will fit a lot of window cleaning items including squegies and window mops.