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35 year old couch and chairs worth restoring?

Alby Gill

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Hi Everyone,
We've been busy busy lately with our leather work. This was yesterdays job, Couch and Chairs are 35 year's old, and hold a lot of sentimental value to our customer, a few hours TLC and a very happy customer.

Have to say a special thanks to Judy Bass for training me. The knowledge gained is being passed onto my son Daniel who works with me. Best investment I have ever made, A training course I would never of known anything about if I had not joined Cleantalk.
Funny how life works out.


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Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
Alby was it a two tone?
This is an Antique style which is slightly different to a modern two tone and often less complicated to fix - not to take anything away from what Alby has done as it’s a great job!!

Thank you Alby for your kind comments - happy to have worked with you.

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Alby Gill

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Alby was it a two tone?
As Judy said, it's Antique style, dark green base colour, with black on top.
very easy to do once all the prep work is done. I did the couch while my son Daniel did the two chairs.
Daniel would very much like to do jobs like this everyday, that's how easy the job was. :lol:
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Daniel Darlow

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Luvverly Jubbly Alby!
It all gets better doesnt it!
The only thing I can add is.....get a tripod! stops wobbly pictures Har Har!:toofunny: