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A message from Shorty in Australia

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Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
Shorty has asked me to post the following message to you all and I know you will be saddened to see it.
Please keep him in your thoughts.
Any messages let me know and I will pass them on.

I’ve not posted this before, I can’t remember an “in depth” post on Prostate Cancer on the forums previously.

So here goes, but first a bit about my life.

I started my business back in September of 1971, I loved it & become very passionate about it.

For over 48 years I had zero problems .

But in May of 2020,, I was told I had Prostate Cancer.

I underwent 6 Chemo treatments, followed by 5 Radiation.

Christmas last year, I was told that it had spread.

At home one day, I started screaming uncontrollably with pain & put into hospital.

I then became at risk of diarrhoea.

You get the urge & have to get to a toilet quickly, very bloody quickly.

Even today, although yesterday , bowel movements are getting more solid.

Plenty of pain killers, the cancer was in my bones & destroying the calcium.

I was now at risk of broken bones.

3 more Chemo & it was not working, so that was stopped.

Did anther 5 Radiation then sent home after 5 weeks.

At home one day & I started talking incoherently.

Another day in hospital.

Both my white & red blood cells were low.

We only carry 5 litres of blood, I was given 2 litres.

The body odour emanating from either the Chemo or Radiation is foul, but appears to be going.

I bruise & bleed easy, & look worse than a monkey person.

In two years, I have dropped from 106 kilos, to 76 kilos.

I am very quickly out of breath.

I sleep most days.

But I may wake up at 1:00am, & stay awake until 5:00am.

At home, I’m confined to a wheelie Walker to get around.

On the very rare occasions I do get out, I’m confined to a wheel chair.

I am losing my hearing & am also now visually impaired.

My bottom lip is swollen & I bite it regularly .

It also means that I can’t drink properly & have to suck fluid rather than try to drink, otherwise it spills everywhere.

Going to get straws today. 🤣

More importantly, I am also losing my memory.

This is very frustrating, so if I say the wrong thing, my apologies.

Nothing more can be done, only a matter of time before I fall off of my perch.

My apologies for such a long post, but I want YOU. to know what YOU MAY be in for.


I sincerely hope that none of my colleagues suffer this debilitating disease.

Stay safe, take care & get tested regularly.

Shorty up top, down under.

Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
It is with much sadness that Shorty's wife Delia asked me to let all of his industry friends know of his passing this morning after his battle with cancer.
He has been a terrific friend to so many of us as well as a very active contributor to the industry and this Forum.
You will be sadly missed but never forgotten Old Great Shortwun.
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