Acid marking on Indian stone

Tal cohen

Cleantalk Member
Customer has spilled brick acid upon this Indian stone!
Any suggestions.. don’t want to make it worse..unsure weather it’s mortar leaching thru???

Jacob Ward

Cleantalker Veteran
Its had it.

Picture ?

It's probably just etched through the stone

You.will probably need to grind it down..


Tal cohen

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I’m useless with this phone!!!
Thanks jacob
Just not for me ,someone else’s mess!!!

Andrew Evans

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I was going to say Sandstone isn't acid sensitive, but Brick acid will eat through anything. You could try grinding it but to be honest I would agree with Jacob. It probably needs changing, Brick acid should never be used far too harsh and dangerous.

Jon Chrimes

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I would take a different approach.
If not to far, take a look at it.
Try to ascertain the depth of damage etc.
If light enough, pmt up front to do paid for sample. If terrible, walk. Diamond pads.
Set expectations throughout.
If no good you've lost nothing and covered your time.
If alls well and to customers satisfaction charge premium price as everyone else walked before looked.