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Garry Neilson

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I have been looking at getting a backpack waterfed system for doing EOTs and the oddcommercial, has anyone tried the Gardiner indoors system or shark system as I would want something like that as well as one for external. Is it worth spending that extra on for example gardiners poles as I won't be using them all day, what would be an average length for doing up to second floor windows(yes I know that's a bit of string question but barring abnormal tall building floors or slopes outside ect). I am pretty certain my old ROman unit (had fish)had a polisher/di canister in its 3rd section but these appear to be sold as a separate polishing unit after the standard double/triple units is that what is needed(cleaners round here use both RO and th s DI bag things). Any other recommended backpack systems.

Daniel Paton

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Your ro man unit will work but if the gpd is low it could be painfully slow at producing water. I use a seperate 11litre di vessel to polish water simply because i dont need to change the resin as often. If the system has been lying a while id change both the filters and membrane.
Your body will thank you for a good carbon pole when your stretching over a conservatory or extension. Carbon is lighter and stiffer than fibreglass. That said. I started with a fibreglass pole so it can be done.
Ive tried a few indoor systems and their not great. A mop and squeegee is much faster. Id only use an indoor system if it was high and couldnt be reached by ladder.
Finally a backpack holds only 20 litres max. If the commercial was big it would take forever refilling it. A trolley would be faster as your just switching barrels. A tank in your van would however be best.