Advice Please

Adrian Marsh

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As Carl suggests, these rugs can hold an unbelievable amount of dry soiling so backdusting is essential. I would add to Carl's method and allow the M-Power to dwell for a good 30 / 45 minutes before extracting. There don't appear to be any bad stains so, with luck, you shouldn't need anything other than your MP to clean. Ideally you would have a rack on which to dry the rug so that air can get to both sides. DON'T dry it flat as you'll trap moisture underneath which can cause other issues, about which your rug cleaning course can give more details. Be prepared to use de-browning mix on the cotton fringes which can, if left wet for too long, go a pretty shade of brown.

I appreciate we're in strange times Tony, but as soon as you're able I can highly recommend getting on a rug cleaning course asap. There are as many traps with rugs for the unwary as there are with carpets, particularly LOVELY Viscose rugs.

James Shepherd

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Looks machine made to me,
Wool on cotton foundation and unlikely to bleed but please test for this using your solutions of choice overnight using towels and weights.
Back dust over grids and if you decide to wand it off.
Use a hand tool preferably one with a sight glass so you can monitor the soil extraction during progress.
They will and do hold a lot of dry particulate.
I'll try and find an innocent but apt example.
The scoop holds nearly 3 kilos (the handle was bending) and there was more than a couple to pick up.