Aggregate / pebble dash path

Sean Wilson

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Hi Guys

my customers posh bathroomshop front has about 20ft x 3ft of the above mentioned.

as it joins the pavement I actually hadn’t even noticed as they are both the same colour. However he assures me it’s supposed to be golden in colour. He said he’s pressure washed it which did nothing and could I help.

Im fine machine wise but am pretty confident that they won’t do it alone and a good chemical will be needed to help break it down first.

Am I correct?

if so is there anything you could recommend? Is STS strong enough? Or do I need a specific stone cleaner.

He’s currently designing us a bathroom for our new house and would love to be able to do this for him. He said if it can’t be clean he is gonna get it redone so I’m sure will pay well.

Thank you

Sean Wilson

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I will try and get one today.

my wife was in a rush to get to work so we left pretty sharp

Ken Wainwright

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Not my area of expertise, but a thought has crossed my mind.

Being outside and at the front of the shop, with the risk of run-off into storm drains, your chosen product needs to either conform with your island's environment regulations or you may need to create a barrier and then rinse and extract. And don't forget to cost this.

Safe and happy cleaning:smile: