New Agimac - Agitation Machine

Mark Roberts

Solution World of Clean
Agimac - Carpet Agitation Machine

The all new Agimac for carpet agitation or dry carpet cleaning. It has been specifically developed to clean carpets with a variety of methods.

Dry Cleaning

Use as dry cleaning machine in combination with Solution Dry Carpet Powder. Carpets will be dry immediately after use for your customers convenience which also gives you a unique marketing advantage over other cleaners. Cleaning dry also reduces many of the risks involved with hwe such as shrinkage, browning etc.


Use as an agitation machine for carpet pre-spray, opening the pile of the carpet and shearing the dirt from the carpet fibres is one of the most important steps in carpet cleaning. The agimac makes this easy with it's twin brushes available in different grades for all carpets types.


As a pile-lifter.
With Vacuum fitted to remove impacted dry soil or pick up used granules.
With Solution Dry Carpet Powder as a stand-alone Very Low Moisture cleaning system.
To brush-in (agitate) a carpet pre-treatment prior to spray extraction cleaning.
As complete solution to encapsulation cleaning.


Voltage - 230V

Motor - 1100/750 Watt

Material - Aluminium Housing / Plastic / Steel

Air Speed - 47L / sec Capacity (paper bag) - 2.5L

Sound Level - 53dB

Width - 400mm

Height - 1200mm

Weight 25kg
£1295 & £1640​

John Bolton

Cleantalker Veteran

They are there to stop the machine tipping forwards on the push stroke, which can happen with some CRBs on certain carpets. Another nice feature is the two wheel which are on the top in normal use but when the machine is flipped over they form the transport wheels - no need for a separate trolley.

Joe Hatton

Cleantalker Veteran
Looks very much like a Flexi 5, but no doubt with a few mods because I think the Flexi 5 had a couple problems.

Chris Jenner

Cleantalk Member
Saw one of these on the recent training course. It was an awesome bit of kit.

I just need to persuade Mrs J III that despite having a pile lifter vac, 2 Host CRBs and a Duo, that I really need one of these too!

My reasoning that she doesn't need another dress as she already has some of those just received one of her 'looks'. The sort of 'look' that her mother's very good at when she's been put out by something!

james oneill

Cleantalk Member
could it be operated using an external vac with the hose attached to the mounting in the same way the Vac pod attaches? I know it would be slightly more messy with hoses trailing but it would be a saving of £350.

Joe Hatton

Cleantalker Veteran
James, anything is possible, but why would you want buy a piece of kit to make the job more efficient, including faster, then slow it all down by having another "lump" to toe about?

It is a good piece of kit, without or with the vac pod. It makes a great agitation machine and lifts pile.

Chris Jenner

Cleantalk Member
Just got my Agimac & vac pod and ran it up on our sitting room carpet. Awesome bit of kit.

Not all of the sitting room carpet of course, don't want Mrs J III to go getting any silly ideas! :shock:

Bought mainly, to bridge the gap on mingers so I don't have to lug my pile lifter around too much. I think it'll do it very nicely indeed.

Thanks Nick.