Air vent on van roof

Dave Overton

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Evening all,
Who has a vent on the roof of their van? Should we all have one?
I’m running a gas tank. Would it be best to have two vents? One above the tank at the back and one in the middle above the gas bottles?

Steven Johnson

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They are called fletners I believe. I had one fitted in my van. If you get one make sure its not the tall one as it will annoy you as it spins round.

Do you have holes below your gas tanks mine have as well as the fletner.


Dave Overton

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Yes, thems the one, Flettners I believe although I though that was a make rather than what they’re actually called!
Anyway, may well get one fitted, just thoughts on if I need two or is that over kill? (One above tank, one above gas bottles?)

Holes under the gas tanks? Really?
Literally just holes under the tanks?? I’ll get drilling!!!

David Lynch

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I fitted a Flettner to my van to allow the condensation to escaped. The inside of the van roof can get a bit wet when the dip tank lid is open.
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Jacob Ward

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To add to David's post above.
The condensation is from 2 sources.
1 the vapor of the dip tank
2 the by product of burning propane.

If at all possible a vent in the floor AND roof will aid in controlling and venting moisture laden air.

And allow your burner to operate with fresh air.

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Luke Lewis

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A roof vent will only really help for condensation.
If your thinking gas safety, then propane is denser than air so sinks and gets under the ply lining etc
Wholes in the floor near the bottle are best like a caravan has.
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