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Am I Wasting My Time 'woof'

Susan Bines

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Lovely customers today with a very nice house and a big big dog?

They went off to work and told me that Jasper (big dog) would be ok in the kitchen as he will just sleep, that was fine whilst I was in the house busy cleaning and restoring the leather sofa's but as soon as I started to pack away and went outside to put some things into the van Jasper woke up and went to lay on one of the sofa's I had just finished, and as you can imagine I was not going to attempt to move him.

I took this photo and sent it to the customer informing them that it is best to leave the furniture for at least 24hours before using, so fingers and paws crossed it will be ok.


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Mark Sutcliffe

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He's a labradoodle, you have absolutely no chance of getting him off that sofa.

Had a labradoodle on todays job, followed me all around the house but wouldn't let me stroke him. Guess where he decided to go.. Leather sofa..

Brophy (my labradoodle x wolfhound) is exactly the same, he likes sofa's and chairs and will quite happily kick the kids off the chair to sit there..
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