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Hellen pods

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Hi all just set up. Done the training van all kitted out and done some cleans already. Found this site and think it’s fab, will be using it a lot I think. Just wondered how many other lady cleaners out there.
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Derek Dale

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Me and my wife both work together but in these days of equality is irrelevant whether a man or woman goes to a job. I would be more interested in the result rather than gender of person carrying the task out if I wanted a job doing.
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Christina Daniel

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Hello! I'm also a one woman band oven cleaner just starting my second year in business. There's a few of us out there... And yes, I get why you might be interested in reaching out to us, even in these days of 'equality'. A lot of my customers are down right shocked when a woman turns up to clean the oven, coz it's 'normally only men who do it'.

Best of luck
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