Any advice on cleaning this

Roger Butt

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I have been ask to clean this rug/runner. Looks to be about 10 metres long going by where it is in there home.
Going to have a look on Monday. Customer who I have done work for before has sent me a photo, says they think ? it's wool ?
Aparantly about two years ago they cleaned it themselves ? and rinsed it out in there fresh water stream ? Colours did not run ?
Not been used in the last year but want to use it again now so needs just freshening up.!
Any ideas what type of rug this is and the best way to clean.
Sorry only photo I have so can not see the backing.
I mainly do Low Moisture / Encapsulation / Dry compound cleaning, CRB/Floormac & small extraction machine I use for spotting etc.
Any helpful advice appreciated.
Thank you.

Roger Butt

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Thank you Robert, so do you think the rugs fibres are made of wool and do you think the rug has got any money value. Thanks

Roger Butt

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Hello Jacob, this Is one of my regular customers who pay very good money for me to clean there fitted wool carpets, god knows why they decided to clean this in a stream, lol 😂

Roger Butt

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Robert so it could be cotton ? or wool 🤔 thank you. Obviously I will test and cover my back with plenty of photos. Thanks

Roger Butt

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Robert, really man made fibre so value in £ is not a lot. Will make CLEANING easyer. Just need to sort out customers expectations regarding colour bleed. Thank you.

Andrew Evans

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The value doesn't always relate to the cost. There maybe sentimental value.

Rinsing and cleaning in running water is quite common in the areas they are made.

If it is man made then I wouldn't expect to see colour bleed but there are areas that look like they have bled.

You could point this out and offer a low moisture clean, back dusting with your vacuum, vaccing the front and keep turning over until no more debris comes out.

You could wet clean on site by doing the above, but test for colour run if the colours seem loose spray with an acid rinse then test for colour bleed.

I would use M power or HD or even Spm then rinse and lay flat to dry.

It doesn't matter where it comes from just that you know how to clean it.

I would definitely do some training on rug cleaning.

Also tell them when it is wet it may go wavey, but will flatten when dry.

Roger Butt

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Thank you Andrew some good advise there.
Really appreciate your feedback.
I will have a good look at the rug tomorrow and have a good talk with my customer to confirm what her expectations are and then decide we're we go from there.
Thanks again.