Any Advice on this rug

Aston Rayfield

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Hi, Any advice on how to clean a cotton backed wool rug please. The style is Pebble so its effectively loads of single pom-poms that make up the surface of the rug ( I treid to load a photo but it's too large ). I don't think extraction would work because of the gaps between the 'pebbles' I was thinking M-Power and lots of Terry towel work. I imaging I'd have to vac with the nozzle rather than a brush also... but I'm very open to advice and suggestions. Thanks in Advance

Eddie Prudhoe

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I have cleaned a rug identical to this one. You can hwe however not to high psi plenty of dry strokes and terry towel dry then air movers. It may need to be repeated if necessary. Just pre vac the crap out of it. I used spm on it as quite heavily soiling and it came up great!!! Spm smashes it again
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