Any ideas what causes this?

Ian Askew

New Cleantalker
Hi Guys,

Wonder if anyone can explain why we were left with these marks.
The clean was from smoke damage and we removed using strong alkaline cleaner, which we normally use for removing nicotine stains.
Customer was happy as we removed all the smoke residue and she is over painting.
Please advise if we approached this differently we would have achieved a better result.



Jamie Biles

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can't work it out,reckon Roman blind and has wooden inserts instead plastic and the product applied has been slowly released upon drying whereas plastic would had instant visual confirmation,although I may be barking up wrong tree,it's the client repainting after that stumped me

Ian Askew

New Cleantalker
hi Guys, one of those cases that you focus on the issue and dont describe it properly.

The streak marks above the blind are actually on the wall. There were no streaking or drips when appling the chemical as it was applied and wipped away almost instantly, but left these marks. Only happened on a couple of parts of the walls as the rest were fine.