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Alex Hamilton

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Hi guys asking for a friend who is looking into oven cleaning, can anyone recommend courses and would someone mind giving me a basic list of equipment you would need to start up.
thanks in advance

Mohammed Al-Hagin

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  1. A van
  2. Dip Tank (electric is better in my opinion - Plastic Workshop make great ones and are worth every penny)
  3. Degreaser - There are loads about, it all depends on what works best for them - Bio from solutions is good and there are a few others that are marginally less effective but are substantially cheaper.
  4. Heavy-Duty Oven Scraper
  5. Screwdrivers and Torx bits.
  6. Floor covering
  7. Most importantly proper training. I trained with Rob Payne but I don't think he trains people anymore I'm not sure but you will find some on here.

Derek Dale

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For training Chris Wake 07565 795485 in Wiltshire.
I think gas tanks are a better option personally but everyone has their own view.
In addition to Mohammeds list above a website which is well designed, logo and marketing plan. Without a plan on getting customers the rest is irrelevant.
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Chris T

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I used Dirtbusters in Dover, they can kit you out with a range of tanks, starter kit and training with package prices, I found the owner and staff helpful and friendly.