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Been A Bit Quite On The Leather Side Lately?

Daniel Darlow

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Hope all you Leather workers out there are busy?
'Not much work for leather cleaning and stuff?' I have been told by several store based staff when enquiring regarding work on a casual note. ( I never stop asking for work, even when shopping with my wife) How TOTALLY WRONG they are, there is a TON of work out there, it depends on where you look for it! In my twilight years how I wish I took this on as a youngster ... well maybe in my 50's!
OK. You think of leather, you think upholstery, you think pigmented, you are going down a one track road, very limited space, one way only, only room for one.....and then.... you reach a crossroad, and this crossroad has a MULTITUDE of roads leading off. This is the exact spot I was in 4 years ago when I realised this was not just cleaning a cream bloody leather suite situation, but a job/hobby/lifestyle scenario. The roads open to Upholstery, Cars, Bags, Jackets, Saddlery, even more scenarios which I wont go into.
Today for example, 2 seat sofa and chair, Semi Aniline, needs Dye or needs pigment, or needs both? without training I would not have a clue. even after 4 years in the saddle so to speak, when dye hits there is no going .. softly softly.
Then on to a Natuzzi corner group in a very nice part of town, 2.5mill pad, just 'clean'. The just clean needed some touch up colour, but part of the service, 3 hours work which I cannot say was hard, but if you put a foot wrong then 9 grand of upholstery is an insurance claim, so the end price warrants a professional price.
From 4 years ago the Leather training I had with LTT has progressed 1000% in my business, from just cleaning, progressing to repairs, to venturing into replacing items and actually making items such as wallets,saddlery straps, bags, archery items etc.
Just a few 'musings' on a busy week, and if any one is querying on to whether or not venturing on the dark side.

Alby Gill

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I did the LTT course about 4 years ago as well. Best thing I ever did.
Since taking the course, I've not turned one leather cleaning job away.
My son Daniel works along side with me, and he enjoys working on leather also.
He will be heading over to Judy in the near future.
At the stage now were we are thinking of taking on cleaning and repairing leather clothing, shoes handbags etc.
Funny when I left school in 75 I trained as a cobbler, All that knowledge is still there, time to dust off the brain cells and put it to good use.

Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
Thanks guys always great to hear of your ongoing work and successes
The market is as you say huge if you look in the right places and it doesn’t come to you you have to go out and find it.
Confidence is a big thing and without correct training can easily put you off.
Happy that our training and support have led to such great things.

Well done guys