Best floor covering to use whilst cleaning ovens?

Chris Lovelock

New Cleantalker
My current set up has a few holes in so am looking for a good replacement.
Any recommendations would be splendid.

Jason Lee

Cleantalk Member
I use a floor protective sheet you can get from pound land. Lasts about a couple of weeks. About 1.5m x 2 m..

Steven Johnson

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Decorators sheet with small tarpaulin sheet on top . Used this for 14 years easy to wash and lasts for ever. Dont waste money on fancy sheets they only get covered in crap anyway.

Paul Dennis

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rubber boot liner and a bath sheet over the top , towel easy to wash and the rubber liner you can spray with anti bac and wipe roll up ready for the next job , using logo mats is ok for first job then looks crap with the muck and when you clean them the colour fades then looks crap , and with social distancing the customer shouldnt be near you anyway