Best products?

Sam Johnson

New Cleantalker
Hi, Has anyone tried out Naturama yet?

eco friendly one that's apparently better than Zoono?


Jacob Ward

Cleantalker Veteran
A kill log of 4.....

And I quote

"is the only 100% natural cleaning product that is proven to kill 99.99% off all viruses and bacteria "

I beleve that's a very interesting statement, with proof ?

Oh and £625 plus vat for 25 litres.


Jacob Ward

Cleantalker Veteran
Peter, i see what your saying

Therefore my opinion is expressed.

Until proven, they are a member like us.



Jamie Biles

Cleantalk Member
What products are you currently using Sam ? See you new member,joined today so give us a small debrief of your background. It's good to talk :chuffed:

Mark Roberts

Solution World of Clean
Yeah that's a boot, jesus at least make it less obvious

Use the contact form if you have issues, would love to hear them for the lols

I'm actually going to leave your posts intact, that's some spicy pricing & statements you got going on there :screwed: