Updated Blaze, Vibe, Shockwave & Grout blaster

Mark Roberts

Solution World of Clean
No doubt you've seen this if you sub to the World of Clean newsletter or follow on Facebook, you now get an extra 1 Kg for Free with Blaze, Lemon Vibe, Shockwave & Grout Blaster Tile & Grout cleaner. They've all been reformulated, slight improvements to performance with better mixing via a finer powder.

Next week we have a new chemical coming out, it's pretty unique I'd say 🤫


Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
The simple answer is they use different chemistry, Soluboost adds oxygen to increase chemical activity, while Spark beefs up the pH and attacks heavy grease & residues normally found in EOT’s and the like.

Spark is also really great by itself as pre-spray

Hope this helps