Nick Robertson-Vousden

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Invoice sent Steve once paid they will be despatched.

you do have an account on So you can order anything online



Ioan Davies

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Got mine this morning and used this afternoon. Packs a powerful punch-as I found out when I went to move it to different room and discovered it had blown the cob webs from behind customer’s radiator all over the newly cleaned carpet!! 😂

John Bolton

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'Radiator snow' is a common problem, and thank goodness potpourri bowls are less common than a few years ago.

Other things to ba aware of include vases of flowers and pictures on the walls, Christmas cards Nd decorations.

Jamie Biles

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Ah memories. You haven't owned an air blower in early years until you accidentally have air stream going in open fireplace

Nathan Gale

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Do you all use your blowers frequently? I generally find I don't have to and mostly use them for drying rugs in my workshop.
Every single standard cleaning job (minus the ones where enzymes work when damp etc), I see it as they never do any harm + looks more professional, the amount of customers who comment on them and it leaves a good impression as you’re more ‘equipped’ than the last cleaner

David Coker

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About thirty years ago, cleaned a white three-piece suite. Didn't realise the airmover was facing towards an open fireplace.
Came back in the room after a few minutes to find soot all over the sofa!

Trevor Ives

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I had two snail fans for carpet and two 32" propeller fans for suites.
If it was alarge enough room snail fans and uprights at a door to outside.