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Buck Suede ??

Daniel Darlow

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Tricky, Shorty.
I have been out of the Furnishing Retail game for a few years now, but as you classify 'Bucksuede Fabric Upholstery' it must be made by someone. Can you trace the retailer? then the Manufacturer?
As you probably know , (and Im not teaching someone to suck eggs as the saying goes) but only for the benefit of someone who maybe reading this.
SUEDE..... is the flesh side of the hide/skin, that is the inside of the skin which is sanded to produce a soft feel. the outer part of the hide/skin which is sanded to a slight nap, gives a velvet type feel.
'Bucksuede' gives the impression that it originates from deer/elk type ruminant, but, who knows?
Alcantara, when it arrived on the furnishing scene, in the UK in the late 80's hit the high end market in a big way. Airlines, BMW were using it and we were selling some top end sofas made with it. Best produced man made since Bayer Dralon, great cleaning and wear factors.
Let us know your investigations.

K.O. (Shorty) Glanville

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Thanks Daniel, I somehow missed your reply until just now.

Turns out, this is simply a company name for another "imitation leather/suede".

Made in Asia with very little information, most of it directed to the importers who are very well known for cheap products, and the salespeople know even less about what they are selling.

Merely a fabric which turned out to be relatively easy to clean with agitation then a warm rinse & extract.

BTW, the agitation was done with the World of Clean Drill Brush, which I love. šŸ’

More Guinness please. :2beer::wheelchair::goodday: