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Burberry Bag For The Handbag Spa

K.O. (Shorty) Glanville

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Hi Judy,
this Lady brought a Burberry bag in just to show us & wanted to know if we could do anything with it.

She did not want to leave it with us for any length of time, "because it cost a lot of money". :afraid:

She spilled (she said) a "cool gel" solution to rub on aching legs??

Similar to "deep heat", but cooler??

Here's a link:

She wanted it done immediately & wanted to call back in an hour for it.

Unfortunately, I was between jobs and could not accommodate her wishes. :cry:

How would you rectify this please??




Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
Hi Shorty
Our HBSpa cleaning might help with the restoration but it looks like the grain has been damaged in which case there would not be an awful lot you could do other than restore the colour!
Why do people think we are just sitting around waiting for them to contact us. They just don't seem to understand that things like this take time and cannot be rushed and they cannot just drop a bag in and expect it to be fixed in an hour or so!!

Our turnaround is currently 4-8 weeks!!!

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K.O. (Shorty) Glanville

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Thanks Judy, I was also under that impression re the grain damage, etc;

The more I deal with some people, the more I like animals. :wink:

Thanks for your quick response, it's nearly 07:00am here, (NOT on daylight saving :thumbup: )..

It's also Australia Day, so another long week-end, just wish it wasn't pouring rain, currently 24c & 84% rH.

So far for January, (until midnight, last night) Cairns has received in excess of 500mm of rain, about 20 inches.

NOT good leather or natural fibre cleaning weather. :cry:

Thanks again Sunshine & take care over there.


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