Church Pews.

Fintan Coll

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I had a query today from a Church. Apparently since covid they had been spraying the wooden pews using a pump up sprayer ,this .was done on a regular basis and there is a bit of a build up of the product on the wooden seats. They have asked me about removing it. As I have only Solution products at my disposal what would you suggest I use. They have used a product called Craftex micro kill.

Ken Wainwright

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I've been looking at the available information about this product and it has certainly raised a few questions. These lead to me asking: Is it an appropriate product for the intended use?

Firstly, the instructions clearly state for professional use only. I presume that the end-users are enthusiastic volunteers rather than trained, professional cleaners.

Given that people will be sitting on the treated surface and highly likely that some will have direct skin contact with the treated surface, as a residual product of pH10, could this lead to skin irritation? For comparison, Solution World Of Clean's Surface Shield has a pH of 5.0

As for removing the product and cleaning the pews, there are products in the World Of Clean range which will perform the task, but as I am not an expert in treating wood surfaces, I am unable to comment about which product or technique employed would be best and safest. I would however recommend the use of effective PPE

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Hi Fintan

I would suggest cleaning with M-Power, and an XR hand pad, or the XR industrial mop pad this combination will remove the residue. As the original is an anti bac I would suggest wearing gloves.

Any residue from M-Power would naturally break down over 48-72 hours

Fintan Coll

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Thank you Ken and Nick for your replies and advice. Yes, I wish these things could be left to the professionals. M Power was the product I had in mind too. I will test a few seats next week. I have seen M Power do wonderful things so no doubt it will perform here too.