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Emil Dinev

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Hi Kevin

Probably silly question but can I use Cleaners Mate on two or more computers...for instance PC and mini laptop?

Kevin Loomes

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Hi Emil

Yes you can use it on up to 2 pc's/laptops, but you have to remember that they are independent of each other (standalone programs) so can't comunicate with each other.

There is a way to sort of get round this. For example lets say you have one pc at home and a laptop you take out with you. Any data you enter into CM on the laptop can be put manually onto the pc. However any info you have on the pc CM will be overwritten.

Although the licence is for 2 pc's, if they get damaged and wiped through a virus or something, you can simply install it again on the repaired damaged pc to use it again. So potentially lets say, a pc or laptop lasts 5yrs, you will get 10yrs worth of usage with unlimited installations on the 2 pc's regardless of how many times they get wiped/restored.

Hope that makes sense!



Kevin Loomes

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Hi Paolo

You could use it for a general cleaning company, but it doesnt cater for staffing hours, pay rates etc.

The best thing to do really is to download it and try it for yourself



p.s. if you need any help there are tutorials on the site, also you can call us on the landline 01582 518467