Cleaning Gloves

Chris Silb Smith

New Cleantalker
Hey everyone!

I love popping in and out of this forum for some advice. I've been cleaning my windows without gloves for years, but recently - maybe because of the weather - I've noticed my hands becoming really irritated. I've been looking at different types of gloves

Does anyone have any recommendations?
Know of any cleaning products which don't irritate as much?


Ken Wainwright

Cleantalker Veteran
Generally speaking, there's a couple of things I recommend with all types of "rubber gloves".

Always go for a glove one size too big. Much easier to take on and off

The 1.5mm gloves generally tear too easily, so the 2.5mm are much more durable, especially the heavy duty ones designed for mechanics, paramedics etc.

I believe there are also other types of gloves designed with window cleaners in mind