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Tony Roberts

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I have been yet again approached to prepare a quote for office cleaning - in the year we have quoted 9 times at various places of varying sizes and not won 1, I have tried contacting the businesses in question after each failed attempt for feedback but none has been forthcoming

The latest premises is a 2 storey office block with 4 toilet areas male/female 2 kitchen areas 4 senior staff office and 4 meeting rooms - the 2 offices are open plan and the requirement in Covid times is carpets hoovered, all cleaning to take place after 7pm Mon-Fri, all desks, phones, keyboards, drawer fronts, desk plexi partitions and chairs to be sanitaized/cleaned, there are 30 desks, 1 lift and large staircase with hand rails. All touch points are to be sanitized/cleaned daily (door handles/drawer handles etc)

Each floor is approx 350m

Any guide would be greatly appreciated - I am asking as suspect the way I have costed the job previously is teh reason we are not winning any contracts - we have no issues in the domestic area. we pay our cleaners £10ph



Tony Roberts

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That's the thing ideally I could do with some guidance on what others would charge or cost this job out at, plan is for 2 staff - but unsure how many hours to quote for - seems a very different calculation for commercial over domestic.

Gregory Kelly

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Hello there, was wondering if there is any follow up on this question?
I have pretty much the same problem as Tony Roberts posted here.

A commercial office set-up almost identical in size and proportion.

James Smith

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4 Hrs per night split between 2 cleaners @ £25 per hr per cleaner
£100 per night over 5 nights £500 billed every 4 wks

Note if supplying toilet rolls , waste bin bags etc , then charge separate
( can be a nice little earner )

Josh Jacobs

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We would charge £25 per hr per cleaner. That seems to be a good ball park figure to work around. Also as James said above, charge separately for supplying other bits.

Dean Demarco

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I'm thinking of getting into commercial cleaning. I am doing my homework to see if it's worth it. The above charges look good. I already have a small domestic window cleaning business, and want to add another cleaning service including carpet cleaning.

Dave Atkins

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This is the thing about quoting commercial. Buyers seem to think they can buy the same service cheaper, they can't, but they can buy a cheaper service and often then moan about it.
Ive seen cleaners mopping out a toilet basin and then using the same mop to clean a kitchen floor. Companies that cut corners in order to get the price down, is that the kind of company you want to employ mr buyer??? Dont forget, youre not watching over the cleaners doing their work, but do you want to take that risk?
We've seen so called professional cleaners use bleach to clean a mattress, might look good afterwards but the residue of the chemical could cause lung damage.
We've also experienced a pest control company use an over the top strong nerve agent to kill a few fleas in our local police headquarters, caused no end of problems. so it's not just about getting the job done, but its also about health and safety.
If your presentation is good, you can frighten the hell out of your prospect from using the competition.

Jamie Biles

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procedures/standards and staff management is the key to success,get this wrong and initial quote is least of your worries. never forget daughters first term of college where she said somebody was mopping the carpet,staring into the abyss with headphones on :toofunny: