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Compressor recommendations

Judy Bass

Cleantalk Team
We use Iwata compressors with Badger airbrushes
Have tried so many airbrushes over the years from ridiculously expensive to cheap and have always come back to the Badger.
Iwata compressors allow you to run 2 airbrushes at a time so you can use one for pigment and one for finish to save having to change
It is a little heavier than some but still mobile if necessary

Hope this helps
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Mark Sutcliffe

Dedicated Cleantalker
Mines a white one off Ebay that was 130. It's a "silent runner", defo not the noisiest one and does a cracking job albeit not the best finished machine ..
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John Milne

Dedicated Cleantalker
I use an Iwata, you can set the pressure individually for each output and it has an air reservoir so gives a very smooth air delivery and steady paint stream so you get an even coverage. I also mainly use the Badger but do have an HVLP gun and a Pasche brush. Having two outputs is very useful at times.
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Paul Watchorn

Well-Known Cleantalker
We use an ORAZIOLow Noise Oilless Silent 24L for mobile jobs.

It's really quiet. The first one we had was like working next to a helicopter, awful.

I made up a five mtr airline with a braided flexi hose at the gun end. We leave it outside the clients house now. Works well.
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Jared Long

Savvy Cleantalker
Same as paul, use 24 litre, mines quite noisy though,

Only use mini hvlp guns now, better made than badgers and puts the pigment down better.

Badgers I only use for small touch ups. Also solvents eat the seals inside badgers
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