Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Christina Daniel

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For those of us that run Ltd companies, keep your eyes peeled for HMRC giving further details of how to apply for this. Apparently it will cover pay backdated to 1st March and up to 80% of normal salary.

Does anyone have any further insight into whether I will be eligible for this - mine is a Ltd company structure, so I pay myself via PAYE. So I am an employer and my own employee, of that makes sense?

Ian Morton

Cleantalk Member was only announced this afternoon so frankly you’ll need to await further details from the government as obviously nobody else will know anything else to help you so soon after the press release...

Daniel Nailor

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As I read it (could be wrong), the company has to have made people unemployed first.
The scheme is to take them back on.
I’m also a Ltd company, so interested to know the true facts.
Inland revenue helpline is open tomorrow.
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Steven Johnson

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Same here christina I am ltd. I pay myself a small wage then dividends.

I believe its only if you are shut down you can claim the 80% grant.

As above I will await further details and contact my accountant.

I am busy this week and managed to get a full week so far next week so I am not technically out of work yet.

I geuss for us it will be when only key workers are allowed out. Then we will be out of work.

It's all very worrying and it seems we are at the bottom of the pile I'm afraid. I just hope we are all around at the end of this.

If you have mothballed your company and now looking after your kids then hopefully you can claim the 80% grant. Keep us posted if you find anything out and in will do likewise.

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