Costing question

David Thorne

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I am quite new to hard floor cleaning so any advice concerning costings would be appreciated.
I have a 120 square meters of limestone flooring to clean, what cost would be reasonable. Condition is what I would describe as normal domestic condition.
Thanks guys

Andrew Evans

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Hi David, how do you plan to clean it and will you be sealing afterwards? Depending what you are doing the price could vary from £10 to £30 a square meter for clean and seal even more to grind and shine.

Best to go to whoever you did your training with for advice on pricing, some people bill for materials and charge a day rate on top.

Either way good luck

Paul White

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If that 120 sq/m was the ground floor of a house my biggest consideration would be how much (if any) furniture moving was involved. That alone could affect my price by 100% as it could affect the time to do the job by 100%.

If it was clear of furniture, one open area "normal domestic" then I would be happy with £600. For a two man crew and an sx15 type tool it would take a couple of hours. If you're working alone with other equipment it wouldn't be a bad days money.