Cotton Rug

Aston Rayfield

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Hi Folks,

I'm after a bit of advice if possible. I have a cotton rug to clean which has one generally grubby area and one stain which if a fruit tea :down: . I've explained that the tea may not come out but was wondering how to clean. My plan is to vac to get rid of all the fibres its shedding, treat the tea stain with Extreme and them a light misting of M-Power agitated with the pile brush and then drift extract with a 7" CFR stair tool, I'll extract directly on the worse area and the tea stain but I'm cautious about over wetting. Then get an air mover on it while I walk the dogs :lol:

How's the plan sounding and are there any dangers I should be aware of ?


John Bolton

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That generally sounds to be a fair plan but don't be to light on the application of the M-Power and do not be too worried about over-wetting.

And with the extraction stage why not do a proper job rather than tickle the dirt with a drift spray?

Two things I would add is to give the rug a good flick-shake before it dries as the pile will greatly benefit and will dry a little quicker and that the addition of Crystal Rinse will benefit the hand and help avoid tip-browning.