Creme Berber Rug With Old Coffee Spots

Discussion in 'Rug Cleaning Issues' started by Richard van der Mark, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Richard van der Mark

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    Aug 29, 2012
    eindhoven, Holand

    I got an old creme berber rug with a lot of old coffee spots, any help how to clean this.

  2. aston rayfield

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    Feb 21, 2017
    M-Power agitate and use a hand tool to extract
  3. Ken Wainwright

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    Jan 24, 2001
    St Austell, Cornwall, UK
    Hi Richard

    To add a little more detail to Aston's reply and naturally, everything is subject to inspection and testing.

    You don't say whether this is a genuine berber (rare) or a modern berber style rug, nor what the fibre content is.

    As long as the backing/reverse is not or will not damaged in any way, turn the rug face-down and vac the reverse side very slowly in all directions with an upright vac. Soil will be shaken out of the rug. Turn over and vac the face side. You may need to do this stage with a pure suction vac depending upon the fibre and nature of the loop. Repeat this whole process many times until you are satisfied with the soil recovery.

    Not knowing your knowledge/skill level as to stain removal, the safest I can advise is to pre-treat the beverage stains with M Power Spotter, shortish dwell and absorb with a cotton towel.

    Mix your M Power hot. Just a little too hot to put your hand in. Depending on the yarn/fibre, you may be able to mechanically agitate the rug. If deemed unwise, brush gently just to ensure maximum product penetration. Complete the C.H.A.T. pie with an extended dwell time.

    Rinse with a hand tool. If you have a Sapphire or jetless type of upholstery tool, better still, but take care not to scratch the vac slot lips on the tool.

    Upon completion, use terry cotton towels to absorb more moisture to aid drying. If the pile will not stand a wiping motion, just keep the towel stationary and absorb. Dry quickly and evenly.

    Every stage of the process runs the risk of pile pilling if the rug is a staple fibre, especially wool, and never guarantee stain removal, just that you will apply the treatment, so customer expectations must be managed.

    Good luck and wishing you a Merry Christmas

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