customers who cancel multiple times

Mark Bolam

Cleantalk Member
whats your thoughts on customers who cancel multiple times on the bounce do you block them or not

Nathan Gale

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Non refundable Deposit on every booking minus regulars who I trust
If they cancel and I fill the space then I carry the deposit over to the next time, if not they lose it

regulars who cancel I let them off as I know they’re genuine people. However if they cancelled twice they’d need to deposit again from there on (never had any do that)

Paul Dennis

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On facebook you can add label's so we put cancelled short notice or cancelled and what ever excuse they give , we then if they want to rebook only offer and end of day slot and they are made to wait a month , a lot want to rebook for a later time that day or another day that week and once you tell them its a months wait they all of a sudden want to keep the slot .