New Decking Cleaning -A Service You can Provide

Graham Morrison

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Thanks for the info John. It has been an ongoing problem for me to try and resolve to be honest. We do have a ride on scrubber drier but even this only touches the surface. We have tried harder brushes on it too.

Danny Pain

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Ian did you try this out on a roof?
If you did what was the result ?
I can answer this one Robert, no we havn't tried it on the roof yet, mainly because i remember the customer saying, when we spoke to him, that all the rainwater was harvested into an underground tank and he thought that no chemicals or solutions could be used. I aim to find out more from him next time we are there as i presume the harvested rainwater is not used for drinking water (would be some filtration plant if so!). If we do try it, we will post results up.

John Dane

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Just started advertising it now.
First one yesterday, albeit a friend, so pricewise
I did it on the cheap.
He's a good friend but he's also a mechanic who does
stuff for me and gives me a mate rate of £10 per hour.
Enough said............:thumbup:

Richard Cole

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Good result John, only just found this thread and had a quick skim through but it looks like a nice add service for the spring and summer, in terms of equipment what would I need to get to offer this service out of curiosity?

John Dane

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Word of advice here.
Prep wise.

Give it a good sweep down.
On the first one I did after sweeping I sprayed the stuff
straight down on dry decking and it worked a treat.
This time after sweeping I gave it a blast first with pressure
washer to get rid of any other debris then I sprayed down
the decking cleaner. Don't do this second stage put it down
on dry or just damp decking.
It didn't work as good and I ended up leaving and going back
in the afternoon and starting again when drier.
Think it must get too diluted.
If it's a straight run spray the whole lot first and brush in otherwise
you end up soaking the section you haven't sprayed.
Unless of course you work from the middle outwards either side.
Make sure, in other words, that you aren't jetting towards untreated
sections and soaking them.
This time I tested a patch just pressure washing it and it didn't
do half the job.
I used this job as an experiment as it was for cheap for a friend.
Having said that the first one was for free for next door neighbour
to try the stuff out.
What to charge?
This was an area of 30sq m.
Half hour set up and prep including mixing cleaner.
Reckon around 3+ hours depending on state, definitely go take a look
before pricing.

Andrew Briscoe

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I was chatting to a guy who for many years that supplied and fitted decking.
I said I was just getting into cleaning of it, I have the product off Nick,
however not used it yet.
He advised me never to jet wash decking, as it can damage it and leave it
with a furry finish, tried jet washing 1 step at home and as he advised left it with a furry look.

I would sweep decking first, apply and brush in, when done use a hose pipe to wash away slurry,
If using a jet wash turn down pressure or hold well away to aid rinse.

Soon as we have a decent dry day, I am going to do my own as have a large area, hopefully then I will stain it with a product the old guy reccomend to use.

Paul McKinnon

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Hi All,
Great ideas for new revenue stream, Glaswegian: Mare dosh nat big chap. What about this product, have used their anti microbial for carpets and upholstery. Its expensive but excellent imho. It may be an add on for customer to prevent re-growth, after using Nicks solution for initial clean. £99 for your deck including 12 month treatment ????? subject to size/condition of course.

Stephen Williams

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I provide this service for caravan decking using a karcher with the T50 attatchment which prevents fluffing. Then tend to belt sand the hand rails and offer them stain or oil (preferably oil) of their choice. Tend to do it over 2 days, half a day to wash then half a day to stain (after the deck has dried).
Normally charge around the £350 mark without any problems.

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Hi Ken

I don't know I haven't used it on Patio's it doesn't however contain a specific reactive element associated with timeber to help return the wood to its original processed colouring etc

Best regards


John Dane

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What's a T50 attachment?
I use a Stihl pressure washer with a fan jet.
Think the maximum pressure is 2000psi.
Never noticed any "fluffing" and I did the next
door neighbours so I see it most days.

Phillip Mitchinson

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What would this do to decking thats been painted ? also would just applying then scrubbing and rinsing with a hose not pressure still be affective ? Cheers Phil.