Did i do the right thing?

Joe Sharpe

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30 min drive to customer, on arrival the range cooker hobs all worked but the 2 ovens and grill did not light and no sound/smell of gas.
Customer said that their builder just fitted it (2nd hand) and they hadn't tried to use it yet so i said i won't clean it till he's been back and sorted it so he can't then complain that "the cleaner must of done summat..."
They tried to convince me to just do it anyway but i advised them i won't take that risk.

So re booked for when its working...
To add i have been trained and worked for a company for 1 year and now been on my own for 4 months.
1st time i ever walked away and turned down money. It hurt....

Jacob Ward

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Joe :welcome: eventually..

If in doubt, walk

You re booked them, did the best you can.

Protecting you and your buisness.

Interesting if they ring you when it's time........

If it is a builder that has fitted it is not gas safe registerd it's a no from me.
There is no way of knowing if all of the safety controls work.
Leaving you with the blame if a problem happens

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Jason Ready

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Each to their own. Personally I give the appliance back in the same working order I found it. As long as they know something doesn’t work then they cannot complain when it’s handed back to them the same.

Duncan McIver

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Hi Joe, yes you did the right thing . Never do a job you're not comfortable with. Whatever the reason ,it will effect the clean.
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Christina Daniel

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You definitely did the right thing walking away. I had a combi oven door today that just didn't feel right when it opened and closed - the outer glass did not seem securely attached to the inner part of the door on one side. I just had a sixth sense that if I split it, I would find a broken component (and be blamed of course!) and it might not go back together again. Not worth taking on these kinds of risks.

Steven Johnson

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Hi joe

Yes you have certainly done the correct thing. Always follow your gut instinct if in doubt politely decline and walk away.

Yea you have lost money today but at least its booked back in. Just call a few days before to check it's all now on full working order. You dont want another wasted visit.

Let us no how you get on
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Joe Sharpe

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Oh forgot about this, builder came back and fixed the oven and i cleaned it few days later before christmas.
All sorted and happy customer.
Best bit most of the dirt was actually just dust from builders work.
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