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Mike Cocks

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what do you guys use to clean inside dishwashers? I have an oven coming up and the customer (a friend) asked while there could I clean the dishwasher as she is moving out and don’t have time to do it.
Any advice on product and how would be grand

William Stewart

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Hi Mike, I use a hand held steamer, magic sponge, dettol cleaning spray and dishwasher cleaner you can buy from home bargains.
I remove the spray arms from the dishwasher and run the hand held steamer through it to remove any small bits of food that could be blocking any of the jets, clean all the seals and filter and the small tablet drawer, clean the outside of the appliance with magic sponge and dettol spray ( always spray onto sponge and clean not the appliance ) and the ledge at the bottom of the dishwasher when you open the door, pop in dishwasher cleaner and run in on a short cycle m8.
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Dave Overton

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IVe been asked a few times to clean dishwashers and washing machines.
Is it a good addition to your services?
Do you do them as a dedicated visit or only when cleaning the oven?
What do you charge?
How long does each clean take?
Same principle to clean a washing machine?