Disposing of Waste post cleaning

Steve Porter

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Hi all
This is also being discussed on another thread but thought that now I am in full receipt of the facts I would let you guys & gals see if you are complying with the law.
This was from a recent email I recieved after requesting assistance from the Environmental Agency. There is a link at the bottom should you wish to see all available downloads.

Guidance for activities affecting water quality

Pollution Prevention Guidance (PPG) specific to activities that may affect water quality. These documents are available to download from the PPG section of our website.
They should also be used in conjunction with the guidance for working in or around a watercourse. We do not have specific guidance for emptying carpet cleaning machines . You should follow the general PGG guidance such as below, in particular please refer to the PPG on Cleaning Wheeled Waste Containers.
Publication title
Publication code (if applicable)
PPG 3 The use and design of oil separators
To help decide if an oil separator (interceptor) is needed at a site and, if so, what size and type of separator is appropriate.
PPG 4 Treatment and disposal of sewage where no foul sewer is available
Helps to choose the correct sewage disposal option
This PPG is being reviewed in 2010/11 and is currently under consultation
Prevent pollution from drinking water treatment works and distribution networks
Guidelines to help reduce the risk of pollution of surface or groundwater from water treatment works and distribution networks.
Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products
Farmers, growers and amenity uses of pesticides in England and Wales should follow the Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products. This is available to download from the Chemical Regulation Directorate website.
Defra Groundwater Protection Code - Use and Disposal of Sheep Dip
This guidance replaces PPG 12 on sheep dipping.
PPG 18 Control of spillages and fire fighting
Managing fire water and major spillages
PPG20 Dewatering underground ducts and chambers
Information for safe dewatering of underground ducts and inspection chambers.
PPG 22 Dealing with spillages on highways
Advice on how to deal with spillages on highways to avoid

Our PPG's



Tony Nash

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Blimey Steve,

That's some serious reading there.

Is this all they've got re carpet cleaning then: " We do not have specific guidance for emptying carpet cleaning machines ".

Plenty of info about water in general I see.:thumbup:

Richie Mill

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Hi, so what happens if I dispose of my dirty water down a storm drain? It's mainly just dirty water and hardly any chemical but I get the odd person asking and I'm never able to give them a proper answer. Can I get fined by council??

Trevor Ives

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The council could not care less what you put down any drain.

The local water company will have your guts for garters if you do not put your water down the FOUL drain - eg sink, sink drain, toilet, foul manhole direct into the sewer.

Street drain is a complete no-no.

John Bolton

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Regardless of the degree of soiling/chemical in the water it is still classed as industrial effluent so allowing it to contaminate surface drainage or a watercourse can result in a fine of £20,000.

Trevor Ives

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A few years ago our delightful continental cousins were contemplating making it trade waste so we had to take it to a designated disposal point, where they would then tip it down the drain.

Steve Porter

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Opening up a storm drain/ manhole cover either on or off of the clients property is still against the law, disposing of anything down there as has been said is asking for trouble.
We're not supposed to pour it down the waste water run off drains (open drains often found outside near where the kitchen sink/ washing machine dumps) although the crud that gets put down there.................
It's because you're trades BUT if you are using clients water then by law you must leave it on site (yep, odd I know) unless you have a waste licence but as said each council is different so always research on your councils website
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Jason Pagnam

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So when we wash our vehicles on the driveway are we breaking the law by letting the soapy water run off the drive and into a storm drain ?

John Bolton

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Washing your own vehicle does not generate industrial effluent. Washing a vehicle for payment does.

Steve Porter

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The law can be a little odd with regard to environmental waste & what the environment agency suggests
We all chuck so much stuff down the drains without thinking, so much damaging pollutants are spilled over our roads in our seas & in our atmosphere
You'd be surprised what's "legally" allowed as it's actually far from it in reality

I worry less about what goes down the drain & more about why mobile phone masts have the capacity to draw 25 mega watts (enough to give you cancer when leaked/ emitted) yet they claim they can only produce less than 1mw yet have cabling for 25mw?!!!

The law as they say, is an ass!
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