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Does anybody use dishwasher tablets for an alternative dip tank solution. If so does it work well?

Steve Harmer

Cleantalk Member
Please could anybody let me know if dish washer tablets are a environmentally friendly alternative to dip tank solution and if they work well.

Mark Mckenzie

New Cleantalker
Following out of interest. I personally use aldi washing up liquid in my dip tank. And find that works amazing on all buy the worst examples of burnt on crud.

Any particular brand of tablet? And a rough dilution ratio. I did see this thread a few days ago and chuck 2 aldi 3 in 1 tablets in my did tank as an experiment but wasn't wow'd so ended up chucking washing up liquid in as well.

I use a gas burner and usually let it get to a rolling boil for a couple of mins before I have at it.

Steven Johnson

Cleantalk Member

My thoughts exactly and they are suppost to be professional oven cleaners.

These products are designed for the job. Never understand some of the concoctions some people use on here.