Does anybody use dishwasher tablets for an alternative dip tank solution. If so does it work well?

Daniel Burt

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Where do you think the water from a dishwasher goes exactly?

I'll help, it ends up down a pipe into the DRAINS....
Any safety advice for dishwasher tablets is on the box as they sell them to the public in shops...
Don't eat them seems to be the main one.

But anyway, no one has to be forced to use anything, i know the cultural shift over 2 years is that people want to be forced into to stuff, but we are free to use the products we use.
If it didn't work I'd not use it, simple.

Dishwasher tabs make my van smell nice, i don't panic if it gets on my skin and i can see it working and they are cheap....

Don't get me wrong i am happy to mix it up and use other stuff, i didn't sign a binding contract when i purchased the tabs from Aldi that i must only use that now and spread the word like a religion.
Options are good....
The idea that professionalism is based on if you have the cleaning product sold by the forum you are on, then that is a dodgy metric IMO and sounds a bit like religion.
So... We don't eat them?

Steve Harmer

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They work, plain and simple.
No disputing that and very easy to test.
No one is forcing anyone to use them either, those that do clearly aren't any less professional.

If someone is trying to flog cleaning products they aren't going to suggest £3 for 24 tablets is going to clean racks, but it does.
I used to use caustic solution when i worked for a 'professional' company and it was nasty stuff.
Non bio or dishwasher tabs work, all the customer wants is a clean oven and not some utter clown in there house...
Not rocket science.
Meet those two objectives and job done.
I use dishwasher tabs now and results are incredible, many times grime just falls off.

I guess some people will always think that expensive after shave and perfume isn't over priced water and is indeed worth £40.....
A great response, I only asked the question and as some professional oven cleaners have stated…it works!!

Joe Sharpe

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I must admit i had some trouble recently with unprofessional dishwasher tablets, one was 30 minutes late in disolving and the other was in the house for five minutes and asked to use the customers toilet
Well i found out that mine were having a party during the May lockdown.
They said because its a work van it was classed as a works event.....
I'm not so sure as they spit roasted my pink stuff....