Drive and patio cleaning

Mike Strange

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Hi Guys, thought i put a post on here the other day but cant find it.....
We’ve got quite a successful domestic and commercial (office, end of tenancy, carpet cleaning) etc)cleaning business with around 300 regular customers combined.
Looking to add drive and patio cleaning as a service asap whilst we still have around 3/4 months of goodish weather and allowing time to test the market.
We will initially be cross selling to our existing client base.
Question, i did a spinaclean training day a couple of years ago but the timing want right at the time, can you please advise on best pressure washer and surface cleaner,petrol seems to be the best option ?
Have trawled around google but there are so many option for pressure washers out there, i do know to go for 250 bar upwards etc
Thanks in advance.

Jacob Ward

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surface cleaner 18/20 inch

Smaller is more agile for walkways ect
Larger is overall quicker for large flat areas.

Plastic or stainless construction, plastic is cheaper and lighter, stainless the opposite.

A flat spinner is not the end all

A fan jet and a turbo nozzle are equally as versatile.

A buffer tank is also needed when going above 15lpm on a domestic supply


Mike Strange

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Makes sense Jacob, thanks, excuse my ignorance but what is buffer tank, bearing in mind most of our work initially will be domestic

Jacob Ward

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If you go for what daniel is correctly suggesting..

A tap will not supply your washer with enough water

Therefore the washer will need to draw it from a tank to be able to have the supply it needs

Most people use a plastic wheelie bin.
Basically you...

Place the feed of your pressure washer into it and the hosepipe from the tap into it was well. And use when the bin is full of water.

C ool companies that supply good setups are for example ac washers, a washers and rutland pumps