Electric plastic tank vs Stainless steel plastic tank .

Raheem Noor

Cleantalk Member
Hi, I have done oven cleaning before and am looking to get back into business but am having trouble choosing between an electric plastic tank and a stainless steel one. Initially, I had a gas tank but don't want to use gas anymore. What would you recommend?
I came across this; INSULATED OVEN CLEANING DIP TANK is it any good for a plastic one?

Steven Johnson

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If you dont want to use gas then you have answered your own question it has to be electric. Only used gas so can not advise on which are the best electric tanks to buy.

Christina Daniel

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I have the plastic workshop one (non insulated) and after a few minor teething issues with the thermostat it has been very good.
Another local oven cleaning colleague showed me his twin element dirbusters metal tank the other day... It looked very nice. Excellent that it heats in 45 mins with the twin elements. But. Fewer lid catches to secure the lid and I think the plastic workshop tank has the edge in terms of lid design as does not rely on seals which will perish.
But beware, that insulated tank is massive... It would not have fitted in my van. Hence I went for the non insulated version, and that does two jobs a day just fine, and I could see it pushing to three without an issue.