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John Bolton

Cleantalker Veteran

A customer of mine has inherited a pigmented leather reclining armchair from her father. He was a very heavy smoker, so it currently resides in her garage - I noticed the smell as soon as the garage door was opened.

I can tackle the surface clean OK but I intend to first lay the chair on its' back and treat the cavities and as much of the suede side as is accessible but am unsure of how heavily the Em Clean should be applied and whether to inject it into the foam pad.

You advice on the matter would be appreciated.

Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
Hi John

The Em Clean can be applied very liberally and then left to do it’s job - it is safe to use on fabric, leather and wood (not french polished)
It will not do any damage if you spray lots on!!

Spray as many areas as you can get to
You may have to do it several times particularly if it is heavily contaminated.

If the contamination is very severe ozone may be needed and/or you might need to replace the foam interiors

Hope this helps

John Bolton

Cleantalker Veteran
Thanks Judy.

I had planned to conduct the treatment in two stages in order to be able to assess the result of the internal treatment before deciding the best way to progress. the information that heavy treatment is acceptably is great as I may towel off the first application where possible in-order to reduce the contamination, then re-apply.