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Emulsion Paint on Leather

Judy Bass

LTT Leathercare
Not the discussion you might be expecting.........

Not the usual thread of how to remove paint from leather!
I have just read on another forum that a professional cleaner is using emulsion paint to repair leather sofas!!
I could hardly believe what I was reading or seeing.

With the development of some fantastic and easy to use leather repair products such as Leather Recolour why would anyone want to use products that will result in furniture being completely ruined?
Is this laziness, a don't care attitude or just anything to make a quick buck?

There are so many DIY forums advocating the use of household products as the be all and end all it's a shame that the industry seems to be going down the same route.

If you want to find out about all the professional ways there are to make leather look better come along to one of our Discovery Days and at least use the proper products for the job!!

Your comments are welcome!


Trevor Ives

Cleantalker Veteran
It is the """ Expert """ who is putting this up - !!!

I resisted saying anything as my name stinks over there anyway!!

Mark Sutcliffe

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Saw it and chuckled

FWIW I got asked to clean a classic car, which had lovely grey emulsion on the seats, cracked to high heaven.

Mark Sutcliffe

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I've had landlords asking me to clean mold spores off really dingy houses,

I've always flatly refused on principle that some landlords will do anything to get people in their houses..

Painting a sofa, I'm not sure if that's good for trained professionals or bad, because the results will be shocking in a few weeks when they dry properly.