End Of Tenancy Risk Assessment

Phillip Legge

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hi trying to get work with estate agents and they all require so much info. Don't suppose someone has already done these are can use (cheeky I know, we all friends lol) I need for doing end of tenancys;

Health and safety policy
Risk assessment
Examples of safe systems of work or safety method statements

If anyone has these and can email me them it's very very appreciated and if your ever in Surrey a is on me.

Stephen Trollope

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Hi , I have done a few end of tenancies , they just want the job done so the new tenant can get in on time so they can make some money, you make it sound complicated, clean the kitchen with a set of cloths just used for kitchens, clean bathroom/toilet with cloths only used for that area, clean everywhere else with another set of cloths. simples

Phillip Legge

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I know it's what the agents have asked for do half way through it now finish it tomorrow evening. This better make me get the job!

Jon Chrimes

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We find it better to focus on marketing to the tenant rather than obtaining the work from agents . Better returns. No hassle with having to chase slow paying agents. Oh and did I mention not having to deal with agents :rolleyes:

Gabriel O Doherty

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Phillip, Stephen is right to a degree, they just want you in and out, but we do Properties Inventories for Agents and Landlords and the cleanliness of the property is always an issue, this is why the Lettings Agents and Landlords get such a bad name. Your idea of clean might not be an others idea of clean. Most of the agents want you to have liability insurance and after that all they want is a quick clean as cheap as they can get.
Decide as to what standard of cleaning you want to provide and then offer that service. Are you Aldi or John Lewis market.
The documents you require can be easily found after that. The internet is full of them.
Here is a link to help you write your own and if you look on this link/page you will see there is a link to a sample health and safety document. http://www.hse.gov.uk/simple-health-safety/write.htm
Also google safe systems of work and risk assessments for domestic cleaners, the tinternet is full of them.

Good Luck

Garry Neilson

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As above everything is usually available on the internet but you may need to sort it to your own chemicals and equipment, you will also find agencies and landlords have varying standards and inventory people can vary from OCD "There is a hair on the floor" to walking over dead bodies saying it just needs a dust. You need to factor that into what you are actually willing to clean, for example working at height(some cleaners will only use a step stool), changing bulbs(some will not do that), cleaning certain furniture or light fittings, cleaning walls( will you be liable for repainting if paint comes off), appliances ect.