New Fabric Foam & E-Foam Sprayer

Chris Woods

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Used the E-sprayer with Fabric Foam today for the first time. Lovely result on a cream faux suede/microfibre corner settee which was a little grubby, no spill marks. Sprayed on, hand mitt agitated, wiped off residue when done, customer well pleased, photos didn't do it justice. Also cleaned a vibrant red footstool of my own which I picked up second hand today, really nice result again, removed light soiling and brightened the colour, so easy to use.

Wayne Revie

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I've just purchased the e-foam sprayer along with Fabric Foam. Tried it yesterday on our fabric corner suite which has come up okay. I'll be trying it again today on a friends 2 identical sofas.

I am just wondering if there might be any benefits of Fusion Clean in the e-foam sprayer vs using fabric foam. Both claim to be capable of the same exact process. I assume that Fabric Foam is superior to Fusion Clean for this purpose, otherwise why introduce this new product if something better already exists for the job? Should this be a correct assumption to make?

In any case, the 2 above mentioned sofas are in a bad way - various spils and heavy soiling on the arm rests etc and my friend is happy for me to experiment with them as he plans to soon replace them anyway. I might Fabric Foam one and Fusion Clean the other to compare results. Hold tight, I shall be back with pictures! :smile:

Nick Robertson-Vousden

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Fabric Foam is specifically designed for use with the E foamer Fusion clean will foam but no where near that of Fabric Foam.

If you want to boost the clean then you could subject to testing pre spray with Nitro or M-Power prior to applying the foam.


Extraction will always out perform low moisture, the skill is in knowing when and which to use.

The more you do the more experience you get.

Des Rynne

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Questions. Once you have used the E Foamer should you recharge it or run it down to empty (One blue light left ) After spraying 3ps or Carpets is there a dwell time . On Carpets and 3ps can you use a rotary brush (minitex -Victor rotary to brush in . After spraying 3ps and you have agitated do you wipe clean with a towel Des Thank you

Jacob Ward

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The battery is lithium

Recharge it when you want, it doesn't develop a memory effect due to partial charging

The only safety point is to charge it up every 3 months if you are not using it


Wayne Revie

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Apologies for no pics after last post but they will be coming....

My own findings so far, the foam I find soaks into some fabrics quite quickly, so I only spray small areas ( 1 seat ) at a time then get to work with a drill brush or hand mitt. Regarding the sprayer, I'm finding that the tip blocks quite easily despite running clear water through the sprayer after each use. I'm now getting into the habit of putting it to soak in hand hot water after use which seems to be working nicely (thanks Nick for the email advice). Not too much trouble if it keeps things working as it should.

I've now also personally tried using the e-foam sprayer with Fusion Clean - not too successful for me (very low foam) and I personally found it blocked the nozzle even more (maybe due to the polymers?) so wont be using that in this sprayer again. I've yet to try a side by side comparison of Fabric Foam vs. Fusion Clean - although when I do I will be spraying the fusion clean via a regular sprayer and hand mitt / drill brushing.

In answer to Des question about the charging of the sprayer..... any device using LiPo batteries has the same rule. Never leave in a discharged state for any length of time. If flat - charge it. Natural drain occurs over a period of time, so as Jacob has also pointed out, charging every few months when it hasn't even been used is also recommended to prevent complete discharge.

I must admit, the overall feel and build quality of the e-Foam sprayer has surprised me. It feels built to last (fingers crossed). :smile:

Nick Robertson-Vousden

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Hi Wayne

Thanks for the feedback.

Fabric Foam was specifically formulated for the E foamer, not Fusion Clean or Hydro 202. I have advised this from the beginning. Fabric Foam has additional additives balanced to both produce more foam and dry quicker.

Best regards


Wayne Revie

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It's a shame this sprayer cant be supplied in a non-foam version. I understand it's not just about the nozzle and that it also introduces air along route to the nozzle, so it wouldn't just be as simple as switching nozzles - but I'd love one of these in a standard version for pre-spray or H202 use.

I currently use a 5l rechargeable sprayer, but have had to repair it a couple of times as the connections to the circuit board errode - it's a bad design having the electronics in the top. The e-Foamer is a much more solid design with the electronics in the base and I can see it far outlasting the one I have.
I suppose my question is "Do the same company make a non foam version with bigger capacity?" And if so.... please please stock it! :smile:

Mark Roberts

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Encapsulation only ever happens when the product is fully dry.

It's a nice bonus to this product, Fabric Foam would be great even without it, and would still produce the results above. Encap just means any small remaining soiling gets crystalised and blows off or vacuumed up when dry

Just give a couple minutes dwell as per the website instructions:

Upholstery cleaning: