Fire place

John O Reilly

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When I was a young Soldier, we polished Black Slate fireplaces with shoe polish, is this practice frowned upon now, or can it be done as a quick fix? just wondering

Russ Kirk

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I suppose its the same principle as waxing a terracotta tiled floor with colored wax. I have tried to polish up a slate hearth before and it just didn't happen. I wish I had have thought of this. I would only be concerned with how the shoe polish holds up to the heat.

Jon Chrimes

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I've seen it work nicely on expensive and very old William and Mary furniture from the 16 or 1700s. Covered up dings beautifully before the auction! ( no I didn't say it was me!)
You must also remember melting the stuff to bull yer boots so personally I wouldn't be sticking it on a fireplace lol