First 6 months on my own done. Next steps?

Joe Sharpe

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So made the first 6 months, had a really strong December which was nice.
So do you guys find January is a slow month for oven cleaning?

I am planing on starting back next week Monday, I have one booking for Tuesday so far.
I was working towards the '6 months' but oddly now it feels like there is more pressure as the first 6 months looking back over my accounts was really amazing for a start up.

I am not even sure how i did it!
All been a bit of a blur really. Sorry January blues.

Ken Wainwright

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Well done one Joe:clap:

As you are still on a learning curve (it never ends) your January marketing should have started a few weeks ago, maybe focusing on something like "Your kitchen has been extra busy over the holiday, now is the time to clean your oven before it becomes too dirty and smelly".

Wishing you well for the years yet to come.

Lee Wagstaff

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Ive been also going on my OWN since May :lol: January can be quite yes but unbelievable im book up for next 2 weeks Started back yesterday
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Jacob Ward

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One thing I never do is list my home under "home"

There are stories of people having their car keys nicked. Satnav in car takes the people home and they use the house key that is on the car keys to get into the house

No car and and all valuables gone from the house.

Probably trashed as well.

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