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Ian Duggan

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I am looking at employing my first team member and have been thinking about health and safety of staff.
What do you have in your first aid boxes in your vans? and what do you use it for?
Plasters, eyewashes, bandages and antiseptic wash a given. Some mentioned white vinegar in another thread. What else?

If you have any other pointers when employing they are most welcome.

Thanks for your help and advice!

Ken Wainwright

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Don't make up your own first aid kit, but buy one appropriate to your business. You will have to add your own eye wash kit and then anything extra you may deem to be appropriate to your activities.

Make sure that the kits are easily accessible in the van and have a regime for checking whether it needs restocking or anything out of date needs replacing. I used to include some sharp scissors which didn't come in the kit I used, some safety pins and needle and thread (for wardrobe malfunctions which I never actually used!) and some paracetamol for headaches :down:

When it comes to home remedies such as white vinegar, don't go there. Your H&S policy and procedures must be seen to follow standard guidelines. I used to have white vinegar on my van for use in stain removal, but it wasn't kept with my First Aid kit. For working alone in an otherwise empty building, it would be wise to take the First Aid/Eye Wash kit indoors with you and also have a procedure for checking-in at given times so that you know the employee hasn't had an accident and unable to call for assistance

The NCCA run an H&S course for their members, specifically focused to our industry. If you can't attend this, then a more general course from other providers is advised. These need to also be refreshed periodically as rules and requirements do change.

Safe and happy cleaning:smile:
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Steve Porter

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I buy mine from St John Ambulance supplies
Very cost effective & contains everything that you need to legally carry, plus you can add to it if you buy the canvas pouch/ case

I bought this one & cost of consumables is really good & of higher quality than you'd expect for the price!
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Alan Povall

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Dont supply paracetamol or any other medicine in a first aid kit as if anyone has a reaction to taking them you become liable . Remember all first aid is just a precursor to seeking the correct medical advise . Anything more than a paper cut and you should be informing everyone to consult a medical professional to be checked.
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Eamonn OConnor

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Would be a good idea to insure that your employee is also first aid trained.

A course based around manual labour will probably be most suitable. It will also help open the eyes of your employee top possible dangers in the work place therefore making them safer.