flagstone floor cleaning/shiney sealing.

Graham fallows

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did a job today using grout blaster on flagstones,then tommorrow afternoon seal the flags with a natural breathable sealer then open thursday 6 pm that was the plan then the landlord asked me this morning, will the sealer be shiney, i said no because what i said in the quote it would be a natural finish could any one out there recommend a shiney finishing sealer that would be dry enough to walk on within 24 hrs or better still less than 24 hrs thankyou in advance graham.


David Glassey

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Hi Graham, it sounds like the customer wants a polish and not a sealer. Most polishes are gloss anyway, it's difficult to get a true matt one. I'm sure that the guys at Solutions will have something for you. Take care, David.

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
How slippery would they like the floor be??
Shiny floors also require on going maintenance to maintain the clean shine

Not a good idea in a pub, natural finish all the way.