David Lynch

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We all use our tarpaulins/dust sheets to protect the customers flooring while oven cleaning. I went to a house yesterday and the laminate floor in the hall and kitchen was covered in powder. I asked the landlord of the property what it was and was told flea powder which had been put down by the carpet cleaners the day before. This is a situation where your your tarpauline sheet is protecting you and your kit. I tried to explained to him the dangers this could cause if I got unsavoury chemicals on my kit, but in one ear and out the other. DUH. Had to wipe the underside of the tarp with damp kitchen roll after to get all the residue off.

Christina Daniel

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I'd stick that tarp out on the line next time it rains to give it a good wash down. Flea powder used on carpets can be toxic to pets I think.

Billy Marsh

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Pets and animals will bring in fleas , as soon as the right time of year comes they will hatch and start poping up ! Front line in the pet is best ! I used spray before hand locked the doors leave for 48 hours . Then clean up . Never do a oven clean with other chemicals about tho! Only have one estate agent ! Don't bother with others or companies or work for companies ! (Skimmers) go straight to the customer .