New Fresh Linen, Deodoriser And Sanitizer

John Bolton

Cleantalker Veteran

As with Solutions initial Natural Odour Neutraliser, for optimum performance I would use it undiluted, either as an air treatment or for direct application. Used as a tank additive to perfume the rinse, then 'dilute to taste' applies.

Personally I do not fragrance the rinse as this will have most effect wherever the machine is located - outside the building!

Jon Chrimes

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Two customer comments today on new fragrance:
1) Very nice,do you sell it to customers?
2) & Ohh I love that smell, very fresh
Sounds like a winner to me!:yaa:

Ken Wainwright

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I got home tonight and said to Leigh

"The Effin' suns shining and your drying the washing indoors!"

Oops:doh: She'd had a squirt:blush:

Safe and happy spraying:goodday:

Julian Rowe

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Got mine too. It's like Lenor or Febreze or something, or maybe fresh linen...

My Mum likes it, so that's good enough for me!

John Bolton

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The psychological bonus is that the odour, being suggestive of freshly laundered linen reinforces Mrs Housewifes feeling of a clean, fresh home.

Add to that the fact that it is an efficient sanitiser and it is set to join my 'must have' list.

Mark Roberts

Solution World of Clean
Big company's like Procter & Gamble spend millions on fragrance research (and is why they sell so much Febreze Steve hehe), like JB says most people associate something clean with a fresh smell. It's why you see every supermarket cleaner with a fragrance even though they clean rubbish, it's psychological and built into us. The cleaning ability can be secondary its that powerful.

I remember reading an article on a big bleach company that went odourless with it's bleach, sales plummeted so much it was binned.

p.s Nick has upped the smell on lemon spm from feedback :smile:

Dan Woodhead

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Glad to hear the fragrance in lemon burst S.P.M has been increased. I ordered a small one a while back but it lost its smell after it had been mixed.

I have to say it mixed so easy though and didn't clog up the jet on my orion .